Where the Wild things are on the Las Vegas Strip Fun for Children

Surprisingly, there are a great many animals living on the Las Vegas Strip.  We’re not talking about the ones that stagger down” The Strip” with yard long cocktails strapped to their bodies.  We’re talking about real live animals.  There are so many more animals than anyone realizes.  If you have children that you’re bringing to Las Vegas on vacation with you, you might want to know where some of the animals are located.  Some animals, you will be able to see for free, while there are charges for others.

The Shark Reef Aquarium Mandalay Bay Hotel, Casino, Resort, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

At Mandalay Bay Hotel, Casino, and Resort, there is the Sharks Reef Aquarium exhibit.  The Sharks Reef Aquarium is said to be “predator-based.” The aquarium has over 1200 different species of aquatic life, among them are: golden crocodile, moon jelly fish, starfish, sharks, sea turtles, rays, & so much more.  With a depth of 22 feet the aquarium holds about 1.3 million gallons of water.   The aquarium exhibit will take approximately two hours to visit, or longer for children that love it.  The Shark Reef Aquarium is open daily from 10:00 AM- 8:00 PM Sunday-Thursday and 10:00AM -10:00 PM Friday and Saturday.  Admission Fee:  Adults $16.95, Children $10.95 (12 to 4 years old), Children 4 and younger are admitted FREE.

Direct Descendent of Leo the Lion MGM Grand Hotel, Casino, Resort, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

At the MGM Grand Hotel, Casino, and Resort, there are real live lions on display at the Lion Habitat.  The African lions are said to be the descendents of “Leo the Lion,” the MGM Studios trademark mascot that roars on screen. There are many levels, in the specifically designed Lion’s Habitat, for the lions to play.  The lions sleep more than they play; at least that has been our experience.  The Lion’s Habitat is enclosed in 1 ½” glass with climate control, water fall, and trainers.  The lions don’t actually live in the Lion’s Habitat; they live on a ranch somewhere outside of Las Vegas.  We’ve been told that the lions like the Habitat so much that they don’t want to leave when it is time to go home.  The Lion Habitat is open daily from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  There is no admission charge.

Chilean Flamingos at Flamingo Hotel Casino Resort Wildlife Habitat, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

Looking for a Flock of flamingos?  Real live flamingos can be found at Wildlife Habitat among the gorgeous landscape at the Flamingo Hotel, Casino, and Resort. The Flamingos are actually Chilean flamingos.  Their striking pink color is fascinating to see as they gracefully sleep on one leg. There are many other birds at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, as well as, black-necked swans, many various species of ducks, koi fish that can grow to the weight of 30 pounds, and water turtles.  The palm trees, waterfalls and streams give the Wildlife Habitat a truly amazing tropical feel.  It is a surprisingly refreshing place to take a break from the Las Vegas Strip. The Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo is open daily from 8:00AM to Dusk.  Admission is FREE to all ages.

Blackneck Swan Flamingo Hotel Casino Resort Wildlife Habitat, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

Flamingo Hotel Casino Resort Waterfall with Koi Fish, http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

Caesar’s Palace Hotel, Casino, and Resort is home to Caesar’s Forum where there are hundreds of high end designer shops, but we’re here to see the aquarium located to the back of Caesar’s Forum away from the Strip, in front of the Cheesecake Factory restaurant, and Bath and Body Works, and  behind “The Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show.” (The Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show is FREE.  Shows are every hour on the hour Sunday – Thursday, 10:00 am to 11:00 pm; Friday and Saturday 10:00 AM – Midnight.) There are over 1000 different species of marine life in a 50,000 gallon salt water aquarium.  The rays in the aquarium seem to be friendly, almost making us feel as though it would be rude not to take their picture.  For additional fun, divers feed the fish at 1:15pm and 5:15 pm.  Admission is FREE to all.

Aquarium at Caesar's Forum, http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

At the Mirage Hotel, Casino, and Resort, there is a Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.  The Secret Garden at The Mirage was established by World famous magicians Siegfried & Roy.   It was their dream to protect endangered species.  It is an enchanting place, hidden away, and yet magically on the Las Vegas Strip.  Only beloved magicians Siegfried & Roy could pull this off.  The Secret Garden is home to the famous rare royal white tigers, endangered snow leopards and Black Panther.  The Secret Garden was specially designed with the animals needs in mind.  There are 6 different showcases of lions, tigers, and leopards.  Some animals even have their own personal waterfalls.   The landscape of The Secret Garden is an oasis of tropical plants, lending well needed shady areas to animals.   The Dolphin Habitat, also part of The Secret Garden, is comprised of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins.  The dolphin tanks are 2.5 million gallons of water, enclosed by palm trees.  The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat are Open daily, 11:00am – 6:30pm Monday – Friday, 10:00am- 6:30 pm Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.  Admission fees:  Adults $15.00, Children (10-4 years old) $10.00, Children 3 and younger FREE with adult.  Guests of the Mirage receive hotel discounts on admissions to The Secret Garden.

Magical Gate to The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel Casino Resort, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

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Food is Never a Problem on the Las Vegas Strip

Food is always an issue on vacation.  What should we eat, where can we get it, and how much will it cost, are the three most common questions that are asked by travelers.  In Las Vegas, food is never an issue.  There are hundreds of restaurant options on the 4.2 miles along Las Vegas Boulevard, a.k.a. “The Strip.”  Although there a number of Michelin Star chefs most families are looking for less elaborate food that children can enjoy without the worry of disturbing the ambiance of fine dining. 

Pink's Hot Dogs Las Vegas, http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

Having heard that Pink’s Hot Dogs in Los Angeles is a favorite of celebrities, and knowing there was a Pink’s at the Planet Hollywood (PH) Casino in Las Vegas, we had to try it.  Pink’s sounded like a fun lunch, and it was.

Serendipity 3 Las Vegas, http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

Other lunch choices included Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace.  You may recall Serendipity, the 2001 movie starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.  It was filmed at Serendipity in New York, and in the movie the couple orders  Serendipity’s famous Frozen Hot Chocolates.  Which was an excellent choice, as we had the same thing.

Cafe' Gelato Bellagio, http://www.luckylittletravelers.comCafe' Gelato Bellagio Hotel Casino, http://www.luckylittletravelers.com


Cafe Gelato at Bellagio Hotel Casino has always been a favorite. It is traditionally the last place that I eat at before leaving Las Vegas.

Cafe' Gelato Bellagio Hotel Casino Las Vegas, http://www.luckylittletravelers.com


Another favorite, is BLT Burger at the Mirage Hotel & Casino.  The Burgers are great, and they even have spiked shakes. (This is a branch of the New York City BLT Burger)  BLT Burger is located in what use to be the inside home of White Tigers that were displayed in an indoor Habitat. 

BLT Burger at the Mirage Las Vegas, http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

I don’t think there is anyone that can go to Las Vegas and ignore their famous buffets.  The Buffet at the Wynn Hotel-Casino is one of our favorites.  The desserts are especially fun, and the food seems to be never-ending.

The Buffet at Wynn Hotel-Casino Las Vegas, http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

More information is coming about the Las Vegas Strip.

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BEWARE Parents With Children in Las Vegas, Nevada

Beware Parents Walking on Las Vegas Strip, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

Families, with under age children, need to be aware that their choice of hotel-casino, or resort, is the most important part of their trip.  There are some unseemly things to be conscious of when planning a family trip. The nature of Las Vegas, Sin City, means gambling, drinking, and adult merry-making.  So, if you want to move from one resort to another, be concerned for your children.  There are, generally, huge crowds of adults (many who have been drinking, or are currently drink) walking along the strip.  You cannot control what these adults may say or do.  Some of it is insignificant fun that would not bother other adults in the least way.  Problems occur when some adults go too far with drinking, and need help to stand.  I wouldn’t want my child to witness such behavior, but I could explain it away with the excuse of “they were too sick to walk.”  The biggest problem for families with children trying to move from one resort to the next, by walking along the strip, is the pornographic cards that are handed out on the street.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize what they are being handed, and when they do, they immediately drop the cards on the ground.  Some resorts have people cleaning the cards up, while others let them lay there in full view overnight, and part of the next day.  I would be uncomfortable with children seeing these cards.  So, my suggestion if you want to go to Las Vegas as a family select a casino-hotel /resort that has enough things to entertain your child without leaving it, or take cabs from one casino-hotel/resort to the next, and avoid unseemly behavior of certain adults or the cards that will take a lot of uncomfortable explaining.  The best resorts for family vacations have great swimming pools and other amusements that will keep your children entertained.  We’ll give you some of the names of casino/hotels we like for families in the next article.

We will have more information will soon follow this segment of www.luckylittletravelers.com  Vegas Vacation.

Beware Parent Walking With Children on Las Vegas Strip, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

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Las Vegas, NV. Part 1 by Lucky Little Travelers

Las Vegas. NV. Night Photo http://www.luckylittletravelers/copm

Las Vegas, Nevada, is like a Disney playground for adults.  There is nowhere else in the world like it.  It is a place where elegant gondolas, erupting volcanoes, real live lions, real pink flamingos, ancient Rome, the New York skyline, Statue of Liberty, Egyptian pyramid and the Eiffel Tower mix together in one glittering cohesive existence.   There are 4.2 miles of playful architecture on Las Vegas Boulevard known as” The Strip.”  Las Vegas is a place where dreams of wealth are nurtured by giant jackpots and big wins.

New York, N.Y. Las Vegas, Nv. http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

In the early 1990’s Casinos where trying to make Las Vegas family-friendly with themed hotel resorts and casinos.  Currently, more sophisticated resorts are replacing themed resorts with sleek high-rise buildings meant to cater to wealthy world travelers that have already seen the real pyramids, Eiffel Tower, or Canals of Venice.  There is a feeling that wealthy  world travelers won’t be amused by the imitations or replicas in Las Vegas, which is rather sad, because Vegas is supposed to be all about fun.  It lost a bit of it with the modern sleek dark glass buildings that are barely lit up at night.  The glittering lights seem to be slowly vanishing, although the buildings are still amazing.

MGM Grand Emerald Green like the City of Oz, was once the largest hotel in the world in 1993 http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

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Fashion Icon Kate Middleton will Receive a Royal Title After the Royal Wedding to Prince William, Vote to Predict in NAME THAT PRINCESS POLL

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We realize that Kate Middleton’s life will be different than ours.  Financially, she is set for life.  A wonderful thought for anyone is struggling; she seems like a lucky girl.  Kate is certainly beautiful, and she always appears to say the right thing at the right time.  Kate keeps her private life private.  That is grace and decorum, and very good manners.  She seems thoughtful in foregoing wedding gifts and requesting donations to charities, and turning down the chance at a horse drawn carriage, tuning down the cost of the Royal Wedding, and thinking about how some people are struggling to survive.  By definition, Kate might not be a princess with royal blood, but by deeds she is a princess in my book.  Queen Elizabeth II is the only one that will decide the royal title that Kate will receive after the Westminster Abbey Royal Wedding to Prince William, on April 29, 2011, Kate will get her new title.  No matter what Queen Elizabeth II decides I think it would be nice if we all supported her with the title of Princess.  I think she has earned it.

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Carousels Are Fantastic Fun For Children in Paris

Carousel Near Eiffel Tower, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

There are carousels all over Paris.  Carousels or merry-go-rounds have a history that dates back to medieval times.  Children love them, and fortunately they seem to be in all the best locations in Paris for tourist.  Carousels can be found around the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadéro, 

Trocadéro Carousel, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com


Luxembourg Gardens Carousel, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com






Luxembourg Gardens,







 and Sacre Coeur,

Sacre Coeur Carousel on Montmartre Hill, by http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

 to name just a few places in Paris. A carousel can even be found near the famous inverted pyramid under the Louvre Museum.  There is nothing like a ride on the Merry-go-round to make a child smile.  Merry-go-rounds, or carousels, have been a favorite ride of children for years.

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Name That Princess Vote to Predict Kate Middleton’s Royal Title

Westminster Abbey Site of Royal Wedding, http://www.luckylittletravelers.com

Vote in the NAME THAT PRINCESS POLL located on the right side of the homepage of  www.luckylittletravelers.com to help us predict Kate Middleton’s new Royal Title.  This is just for fun.  Queen Elizabeth II solely decides what Kate’s new royal title will be.  (RETWEET, or Forward this please, we need your votes!)

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