No App. Needed or Required, Simple Instructions


No App. Required Simple Instructions

 Try this trick, no app. needed or required, just simple easy to follow instructions!

Instructions to HomeScreen
Go to Safari (the application on the mainpage of the iPhone)
Go to the webpage that you want to HomeScreen ( )
Once that opens, hit the bottom icon on the screen (a rectangle with arrow coming out of it)
Then, a new partial screen appears, (select: ADD TO HOMESCREEN button)
Then on the next screen it should say ADD.  Type in label (Lucky Little Travelers)

An icon for our website should now appear on your HomeScreen. is a website dedicated to family travel.


About Lucky Little Travelers

Lucky Little Travelers is a website dedicated to family vacations, and traveling with children. Use this link to reach us: Family vacations can be both rewarding and stressful. This website's goal is to increase the rewards, and alleviate the stress of traveling. The intention is to guide you in a direction that will be most helpful regarding planning, packing, and organizing. Destinations that are both interesting and entertaining to children are recommended on this website. We, also, try to provide a brief overview of the historic and architectural significance of many tourist destinations.
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