BEWARE Parents With Children in Las Vegas, Nevada

Beware Parents Walking on Las Vegas Strip, by

Families, with under age children, need to be aware that their choice of hotel-casino, or resort, is the most important part of their trip.  There are some unseemly things to be conscious of when planning a family trip. The nature of Las Vegas, Sin City, means gambling, drinking, and adult merry-making.  So, if you want to move from one resort to another, be concerned for your children.  There are, generally, huge crowds of adults (many who have been drinking, or are currently drink) walking along the strip.  You cannot control what these adults may say or do.  Some of it is insignificant fun that would not bother other adults in the least way.  Problems occur when some adults go too far with drinking, and need help to stand.  I wouldn’t want my child to witness such behavior, but I could explain it away with the excuse of “they were too sick to walk.”  The biggest problem for families with children trying to move from one resort to the next, by walking along the strip, is the pornographic cards that are handed out on the street.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize what they are being handed, and when they do, they immediately drop the cards on the ground.  Some resorts have people cleaning the cards up, while others let them lay there in full view overnight, and part of the next day.  I would be uncomfortable with children seeing these cards.  So, my suggestion if you want to go to Las Vegas as a family select a casino-hotel /resort that has enough things to entertain your child without leaving it, or take cabs from one casino-hotel/resort to the next, and avoid unseemly behavior of certain adults or the cards that will take a lot of uncomfortable explaining.  The best resorts for family vacations have great swimming pools and other amusements that will keep your children entertained.  We’ll give you some of the names of casino/hotels we like for families in the next article.

We will have more information will soon follow this segment of  Vegas Vacation.

Beware Parent Walking With Children on Las Vegas Strip, by


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Lucky Little Travelers is a website dedicated to family vacations, and traveling with children. Use this link to reach us: Family vacations can be both rewarding and stressful. This website's goal is to increase the rewards, and alleviate the stress of traveling. The intention is to guide you in a direction that will be most helpful regarding planning, packing, and organizing. Destinations that are both interesting and entertaining to children are recommended on this website. We, also, try to provide a brief overview of the historic and architectural significance of many tourist destinations.
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