Mom’s Favorite Fudge and Holiday Travel

If you are away from your home on the holidays, like so many young families visiting parents, grandparents, and family, we hope this idea helps you.  We are Lucky Little Travelers ( a website dedicated to family travel. 

This is my favorite fudge recipe.  My family and I usually end up out of state, and away from home, during the holidays.  I like making up a few of our favorite treats and bring them with us.  I think this will help my children remember our family holidays as special.   Whether you make our favorite recipes, or take your own, make your children’s holiday happier by bring something you have made for them with you.  Package carefully and place into checked luggage.  Follow our instructions on for specially packing optional items so that nothing leaks into your suitcase and makes a mess.  We triple ziploc, put into a travel spacebag, and then into checked luggage.   For more travel advice please see our wesite

This was a commonly known fudge recipe during the 1950′, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  My Grandmother, mother, and I have used this tried and true family pleaser.  I hope you make it and enjoy it!

Part 1 

Combine in a saucepan, boil and stir for 10 minutes

41/2 Cups of Sugar

1 Can Condensed Milk

Part 2

Combine in large mixing bowl

2 sticks of butter

3 Bags (packages) chocolate chips (12 ounce size)

1 package of marshmallows (8 ounce size)

2 cups chopped walnuts

2 T. vanilla

Pour part 1 (hot sugar and milk mixture from saucepan) over part 2 (butter, marshmallows, vanilla, choc. chips and nuts) and mix thoroughly. (make sure that all butter, choc. chips, and marshmallows are melted into the mix.

Pour into a buttered cookie sheet and put into refrigerator to set.


About Lucky Little Travelers

Lucky Little Travelers is a website dedicated to family vacations, and traveling with children. Use this link to reach us: Family vacations can be both rewarding and stressful. This website's goal is to increase the rewards, and alleviate the stress of traveling. The intention is to guide you in a direction that will be most helpful regarding planning, packing, and organizing. Destinations that are both interesting and entertaining to children are recommended on this website. We, also, try to provide a brief overview of the historic and architectural significance of many tourist destinations.
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2 Responses to Mom’s Favorite Fudge and Holiday Travel

  1. Space Savers Correspondent says:

    Thanks for sharing what sounds like a very delicious recipe! We also want to thank you for the Space Bag shout out in your post. Space Bag To Go Bags are mostly used to help save space in luggage, but since they’re airtight and waterproof, they are also great for protecting items that might otherwise spill – like your fudge! If you’d like additional packing advice, check out this article from Space Bag’s online community, the Space Savers community, on saving space while packing:

    Happy travels!
    Space Savers community correspondent

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